About Us

We spread love, health, and wellness through our teas

Handcrafted Teas

Craftealy Premium Teas is home to handcrafted classic teas, wellness teas, and other blends made with the highest-grade whole tea leaves.  Craftealy Premium Teas are made in small batches to provide the extra care and detail that produce subtle differences in taste, unlike anything you have tasted before.

Where we make our teas

India is the prime source for our teas as it is a country with an incredible variety of high-quality teas. The same goes for all the herbs and spices that go into our tea blends. India is known for its traditional herbs & spices trade and is a thriving hub for Herbs & Spices trading since thousands of years ago. Our teas are made independently using the facilities of the Bud White tea factory in New Delhi.

Our classic teas

Our classic teas come from Darjeeling and Assam region. This region is well known for growing world-class teas. We blend different tea leaves to bring you classic teas like our Aromatic Black and our very own version of All Day English Breakfast Tea. Look out for more new classic blends coming your way

Our wellness teas

Teas have an innate quality to enhance our wellbeing. One can amplify and synergize this quality by blending teas with herbs& spices. Our wellness tea blends is produced with premium tea leaves combined with the finest herbs and spices acquired from India and other parts of the world. We use exotic ingredients in our teas like Ashwagandha, Garcinia Cambogia, Valerian Root, Rooibos, Tulsi, Moringa, and many more in our wellness teas.

“A sip in time saves the day”